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Wreck diving in the bay of Saint Malo

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The St Malo bay, with its rich maritime history and a turbulent past, is famous for its many shipwrecks that delight both new and experienced divers.
Saint Malo Emerald Diving regularly organizes outings dedicated to the discovery of wrecks or on an output exploration or through courses held over several days.

You can already get to know these wrecks by downloading the forms that open by clicking on the selected language (French - English).


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Some of the most beautiful wrecks Malo area you will discover:

German wrecks of World War II:

  • Walter Darré (French - English) and Hey Hinrich (French - English): two 50 escorts wrecks and 60 m long, located in the 36/38 m area, and flows to one of 300 m the other off Saint Malo, near the Minquiers. They were torpedoed the same night in July 1944 while they were escorting a convoy Jersey to St Malo. Well preserved both, lying on the port side, many shims are available and species such as conger eel and lobster made it their favorite place to vacation.
  • The M4600 (French - English): 33m long, this German patrol jumped on a magnetic mine in 1944. The towing attempt failed and it sank off St Lunaire, in zonne of 20/28 m.
  • The ship RO 21 (French - English), 90 m long, broken on the rocks of Courtils in 1943 following a navigation error. The wreck from the surface down to 25m.
  • The V213 ( French  -  English ), "Claus Bolten 'German patrol boat sank 45 m long end June 44 during an Allied attack. It is based on a fund between 32 and 40 m to 8 miles north of Cape Freels, 14 miles from St Malo. A rigid time is required to visit the site. This dive is done in small groups of up to 10 divers.


early century Vapors:

  • Hilda (French - English), probably the most famous wreck of the Malo area because the more dramatic with more than 120 missing.
  • The Skeldon (French) steam shattered nearby on the doors of the rocks.
  • The Fetlar (French - English), English steam 60 m poured in just 20 meters of water at low tide, sitting right on the bottom. It is in excellent condition, and the machines are virtually untouched. Each block is populated pout. The ideal wreck for divers.

A meteorological frigate of the French Navy:

  • The Laplace (French - English), sank in 1950 after a mine exploded on the second world war to the fortified Lalatte. A 90 m long monument back on a sandy bottom. Impressive wreck, sometimes dangerous, still containing many mysteries and memories of 51 missing sailors.

Recent ships:

  • The hourglass Timac, sunk in 1993 at the entrance of St Malo channel after being approached by a ferry.
  • The Frémur hourglass (French - English), cast in 1972.

The appointment, given an hour before the departure of the boat allows you to validate your registration, you prepare to go with (e) from the center on foot to the hold of Naye.
Your equipment will be transported by truck.
Possibility of leaving equipment in the Center during workshops and weekend.
Group rates: please contact us for agreement.

Do not forget !

  • Medical certificate (- 1 year)
  • License / membership / insurance
  • level map
  • Logbook