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Closed circuit rebreather training "inspiration"

The only real tech quality training in Britain ensured by professionals.

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For 5 years now SMPE became the leader in the large west for training on AP Diving rebreathers (Evolution and Inspiration).

Discover the joys of diving without bubbles, in silence, with hot air. You will be safe breathing Nitrox best whatever your depth!


Discover the benefits of the diving school in our shop online:

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Pit and sea formations correspond to a high level of quality in a suitable and comfortable in Blue Emerald Center (equipment storage, rapid inflation through a powerful mixing station, comfort showers and changing rooms). Initiations sessions can be provided in sheltered in our pit while all of the training takes place in real life at sea. During the theoretical course are provided in rooms with multimedia.

Finally you will be trained by a real diver Tech team who practice what they teach as well as in sea cave diving!

At the end of your training you will have a complete recycler Evolution (With BOV) for rent in the center. This allows you to keep practicing if you do not want to invest immediately!

A rebreather diver team is always available to share your dives and so continue your progress!

You can also participate in expeditions organized annually between divers passionate both in warm seas on the English coast!

In preparing for the recycler SMPE means entering a new world!

The different formulas and cost sharing:

  • Formula discovery trench at the Center.
  • Formula Discovery Day (A pit session, a theoretical presentation and a diving sea).
  • comprehensive training on Formula 4 days (to split).

To schedule an internship, contact Emmanuel Feige:  manu@saintmaloplongee.com

Club Plongée Saint Malo
Club Plongée Saint Malo