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Diving Tech Nitrox

Tech Diving in St-Malo in Brittany

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Nitrox diving is WHAT?

This is diving breathing oxygen-enriched air. Who said increasing the percentage of oxygen that said reduction of nitrogen. This results in increased safety in view of decompression phenomena, less fatigue, and less greedy consumption. The diving technique is the same as the air and Nitrox diving remains very simple and easy to access. From your first level of diving you can access a Nitrox training courses and benefit from its many advantages during your exploration dives.


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Nitrox diving is more safety and comfort!

The Nitrox, for whom?

The first Nitrox diver training level  can be followed by any diver or diver Level 1, aged 14 years and not having completed a minimum of 10 dives with air in the wild. No special physical and athletic ability is required. We just present a medical certificate of non-cons to the scuba less than one year issued by a physician.

The second level Nitrox Diver  (Nitrox Diver) You want to work in the curriculum mixed gas diving. After the simple practice of diving with Nitrox, the second qualification will allow you to access the secure decompression using nitrox mixtures containing more than 40% O², to the use of pure O² . This course is at Level 2 minimum (PA20 and / or PE40) and qualify Nitrox diver.

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The qualification "Nitrox Diver" is the first level needed to use Nitrox during your various dives. The aim of this qualification is to give you the minimum basis to allow you to practice Nitrox diving, while preserving the prerogatives of your qualification "Air Diver". Holder of this basic qualification, you can access the simple practice of diving with Nitrox up to 40% of maximum oxygen.


To discover the basic techniques of Nitrox diving and define the rules of practice, you will follow a small Theoretical training. She will accompany the practical training which will take place in the natural environment as a learning 2 dives at a depth adapted to your Air Diver prerogatives

Ability to validate

  • Knowing the physical and physiological characteristics and the dangers of using oxygen and nitrox mixtures containing 40% O² max.
  • Analysis% O² used in the bottle
  • Ensure marking of the bottle used
  • Determine the maximum depth of use
  • Know the principles of decompression Nitrox (Handheld., Tables, prof.équivalente) and apply them according to their prerogatives diver
  • Knowing its prerogatives and the legal framework of evolution
  • Proficiently stabilization techniques
  • Comply with the maximum depth is the actual mixture and the whole planning
  • Evolve palanquée breathing nitrox under its prerogatives

The program content Nitrox Diver

  • 2 training dives
  • 1 theoretical course
  • Nitrox equipment (regulator, Bottle)
  • Monitor and Technical Education
  • The card international degree

The formalities

A medical certificate cons to the practice of diving, issued by a physician, you will be asked for registration and a parental consent for minors. Justifying Air required dives, attested on your logbook. However, it is best to make an appointment with us, so we can provide the monitors.