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Therms and Conditions

Terre Plein du Naye 35400 ST MALO
SIREN 800 593 915 000 13
Website: www.saintmaloplongee.com


The terms and conditions described below detail the rights and obligations of the SMPE association and its customers (individuals and groups) in connection with the sale of online services from the site, to the exclusion of all other conditions, including those applicable to direct sales center. All services performed by SMPE implies unconditional acceptance of the buyer to these general conditions of sale.
A version of the general conditions of sale is available on the website SMPE when the customer makes a reservation request diving services.

2. Acceptance of Terms of Sale

By contracting a service offered by SMPE, the customer accepts these terms and conditions and have read the cons indications to scuba diving and be able to practice. For training activities er exploration, the client is obliged to provide a medical certificate of non-cons to the practice of diving in accordance with the requirements of the delegate federation (FFESSM). This obligation does not apply at baptisms, discovery packs or to snorkeling activities. A minor client must be in possession of a parental authorization allowing him to make the delivery which he has command with SMPE.

3. Rates

All displayed prices are in Euros and include all taxes (VAT). The applicable rate charged by SMPE and the customer is the one in force on the day of the reservation request by the customer, within the limits of the calendar year.
SMPE reserves the right to change prices at any time but the products ordered are charged at prevailing prices during the recording of the order.
Special price offers are valid only in the double limit of the validity period of the tender and availability.
The good gift and books of tickets are valid only on the calendar year calendar being proposed by SMPE. The unavailability or cancellation by the customer on all of the benefit paid in line with the schedule will not give right to a refund from SMPE.

4. Reservations

The customer selects the products through the pages of the website. The selections are added to the "Shopping Cart Customer"
The customer validates his order when the link "Confirm your order" at the bottom of the "Summary of your order" page after accepting the present conditions of sale. Before this validation, it is still possible for the customer to check each of the elements of his order and correct its errors.

SMPE confirms the order by email. This information shows including all elements of the order and the customer's right of withdrawal.
The data recorded by SMPE constitute proof of the nature, content and date of the order. This is archived by SMPE in the conditions and legal deadlines. The customer can access this filing by contacting the SMPE mail.
SMPE reserves the right to refuse any booking of a customer with whom there is a dispute and in particular a prior outstanding service.

5. Terms of Business

Schedule and Location of activity
The place of appointment is the diving center SMPE address. The time given is that the customer must report to reception.
Any customer of the delay will result in a shift or remedial activity. If the customer does not show up the day of the delivery of reserved diving or schedule set, the dive center reserves the right to retain the deposit or the full amount of the benefit paid by the customer.

6.Obligations customer

The customer must personally ensure that it is in possession of all the qualifications and supporting pre-required documents to the activity he wants to accomplish and produce evidence to SMPE before delivery.
Validation of a training
Validation of a level of diving is sanctioned by the practical tests of achievement and / or theoretical according formative fashion or examination. SMPE reserves the right not to issue a certificate if the customer has not reached the minimum skills level claimed by training. This case can not give rise to any refund or to free up sessions.

7. Cancellation, postponement, interruption of the provision of diving

By the customer

The customer who paid a benefit granted a period of fourteen days before delivery to exercise his right of withdrawal without any reasons or pay penalties. After this period, the deposit for training or the total amount of diving remain fully committed to SMPE except in the case of a proven medical condition (medical certificate required).
If cancellation occurs after fourteen days the amount of advance payments will remain permanently acquired SMPE. SMPE reserves the right to accept the postponement of this deposit on other dates possible depending on booking schedule.
Any started activity will not give rise to any refund, if cancellation is due to the customer such as personal convenience, ear problem, hardware failure, stress or any other reason whatsoever. SMPE reserves the right to refuse to continue the activity for a precautionary measure against a hazard or disturbance of the activity for the diver or other practitioners.
Regarding training, a stay or an internship reserved for a defined period: SMPE not incur any liability if, for personal reasons, the customer had to stop training, stay or internship started, or if the customer does not present itself to the place or scheduled. In particular, the amounts already paid remain acquired SMPE and all costs incurred remain the customer. Therefore SMPE advises customers to take out cancellation insurance with a competent body.

For the diving center

A benefit of diving can be canceled for weather or technical reasons.
In case of cancellation due to weather or technical reasons SMPE may propose the postponement of the benefit to a more favorable time, subject to availability. If customer inability to carry the services to another date, SMPE will reimburse unpaid services provided.
In all these cases of circumstances or unforeseen events, additional costs resulting from the partial postponement of the total postponement or extension of stay are the customer.

8. Security and personal effects

SMPE is not responsible for any items deposited or entrusted to the diving center or on boats. SMPE is not responsible for theft or loss of personal property in the diving center or in the provision of diving. The locker available update does not change the provisions mentioned above.

9. Responsibilities

We recommend the customer to additional insurance (bodily injury and property) to practice the activity of Diving and a cancellation insurance with an authorized body.

10. Jurisdiction

The applicable law is French law. In case of difficulty relating to the interpretation and / or application of these terms and conditions, the parties will try wherever possible to resolve their dispute amicably. In case of failure of these attempts, all disputes which may arise these will be worn even in cases of multiple defendants or guarantee appeal before the competent courts within the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of the area.