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Underwater Biology in Saint-Malo

Discover the underwater fauna and flora of Brittany in the bay of Saint-Malo

The Saint Malo bay is characterized by a large amount of fauna and flora related to fixed tides, among the highest in Europe, the recall! Apart from the charismatic congress, lobsters and St. Jacques shells, you can identify dozens of species at each dive! Do not hesitate to ask your moniteurs.La underwater biology is not an area reserved only for scientists. Our team of instructors from Saint Malo Emerald Diving is happy to explain this medium they love. Divers and divers, open your eyes every time the fins !!! You affinerez and your knowledge of the environment over your diving.

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In addition, the Blue Emerald Center is perfectly equipped for marine biology courses you want to organize (classroom, binoculars, emptied projector: on request to the Secretariat).

You can also perfect your knowledge via sales discovery guides in the home:

Guide Discovery shallow life : click on the image and browse the book

Discovery Guide of life shallow underwater

19,00 €

-   Marine Atlantic Picto life :


Picto Marine Life


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Saint Malo Emerald Diving adheres to the philosophies conducted by:

- The association Territory Sea: 10 echo gestures plunge

- The fragile Mer association "5 helpful gestures to a fragile sea"

- The association Longitude 181 Nature "international charter of responsible diver"

With each dive, we invite you to empower yourself as a guest (e) Temporary underwater world.

The association  HEART  (Operational Committee Elected and Users of the Rance) has a rehabilitation program of the Rance. We are all heart with them.

Be curious, go visit their sites.

Club Plongée Saint Malo
Club Plongée Saint Malo
Club Plongée Saint Malo